5 Must-Haves on Your Ski Trip Packing List

What To Include on Your Ski Trip Packing List

While it goes without saying that you will need a coat, skis, and ski boots, there are some other gear and clothing items to include on your ski trip packing list that may be easier to forget. These items are essential to helping you stay cozy both on and off the slopes. 

1. Spare Clothes 

In addition to your ski coat and pants, you need warm clothes to wear in between hitting the slopes. Having dry sweaters or hoodies to put on while taking a break in the lodge can help you warm up, especially if you have started to get a bit damp from being in the snow. Even if you are only planning on being gone for a day, a change of clothes is a great thing to include on your ski trip packing list. 

2. Comfortable Boots

Ski boots are great for racing down the mountain, but they can quickly become uncomfortable when it's time to take a break for meals or walk around the lodge. Bringing a pair of comfortable, warm boots to switch into gives your calves and feet a chance to relax after being fixed in place for an extended amount of time. 

3. Beanie

Another important item for your ski trip packing list is a quality beanie to keep your head and ears warm. Your body loses heat quickly from your head, and a warm beanie makes a substantial difference in how well you can retain warmth. A satin-lined beanie is a great choice to protect your hair from dry winter air without causing frizziness. 

4. Helmet

Arguably the most important part of keeping you safe while skiing is a good-quality helmet. Snowy terrain can be unpredictable, and even experienced skiers take a tumble every now and then. A helmet can be the difference between laughing off a crash and having to take a trip to the hospital. 

5. Googles

Ski goggles help you in many ways. Not only do they keep your eyes clear of snow that may be falling and blowing around, but they also provide shielding from the sun. Clear winter days can be beautiful for skiing, but the sun reflecting off the snow can be intense and may even cause damage to your eyes if they are unprotected. 

satin-lined winter hats to help prepare you for skiing and other winter activities. 

Keep Track of Items With a Ski Trip Packing List

While not an exhaustive list of everything you'll need for a ski trip, the items above are some that may be easily forgotten. Writing out a ski trip packing list in advance and following it while packing can ensure that you have everything you need once you arrive at your destination. Take a look at our

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