Beautifully Warm Caps:



Winter is hair naturalistas! Winter may not be you or your hair’s favourite time of the year. However, we have to be prepared for it. With winter comes the very cold and rough air. The cold air usually takes the moisture from our hair. Thus, our hair usually becomes extra dry during this season. Once our hair is dry it becomes susceptible to frizz, breakage, single strands knots, split ends and so much more. Hence, we switch up natural hair regimen to accommodate it. We would moisturise daily. Also, keep our hair protected by tucking it underneath a cap to prevent the air from touching it. We usually end up purchasing a winter hat that usually destroys our hairstyles or makes our hair dryer than it was before. Beautifully Warm created satin-lined winters caps that will solve the need of your hair during this season. It will preserve the moisture into your hair so that you can retain your moisture, length and even health. The caps come into different colours perfect for adults and their children.


For Adults:

Adults caps are perfect for the moms and dads out there. On lazy days, bad hair days or busy days, you can just pull the cap on and go. It is perfect for you to run errands such as grocery shopping, dropping the kids to school and even playing with this season. Also, you can wear it to work especially if your area is experiencing heavy snow. And, you can even match with your mini-me by purchasing the same colour winter cap for your winter vacation or any event. The caps can be purchased in two different neutral colours. And, they are perfect for any outfit that you so desire. Lastly, the cap is one size fits all, so it is designed to fit your head size.


For Kids:

During the winter the kids do play a lot whether they go snowboarding, ice skating or making snow angels. Kids don’t care for the protection of their hair this is why we need to as parents we provide the best care for them which can be in the form of a winter hat. The hat comes into two different colours (cool grey and the other one is not noted). The neutral colours are perfect and will work well with any outfit you decide for them to wear on that day. It is made with super warm fleece lined which will keep them extra warm. This will prevent them from getting the cold or any sinus issues. Lastly, they are perfect for any head size. It will fit or stretch to accommodate any head size.

Beautiful warm is a family own business. We created each cap out of a need that we saw in our family and noticed that many others could relate. They were all designed with you our valuable and potential customers in mind. Not only are they functionable hats but they are very fashionable and can be worn by everyone.


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