5 Features of the Best Beach Hats for Women

1. Satin-Lined Beach Hats for Women Avoid Snags and Damage

The best women's hats are designed to support healthy hair. Beach hats with satin linings never snag and damage delicate edges or new growth. For this reason, satin-lined beach hats are a popular choice for wearers who are growing out natural hair of any type or texture.

Many environments where beach hats for women are worn have multiple factors that put stress on hair. Spending time near the ocean exposes locks to breezes, direct sunlight and salt, all of which can cause damage. A beach hat with a satin interior provides coverage and helps to keep styles in place.

A hat that has a satin lining is less likely to smush coily or curly hair or cause frizz to form. Wearing a beach hat, Culture Cap or other seasonal headwear with this protective layer can keep your style looking good even when the hat comes off. In terms of long-term benefits, hair may be less likely to suffer damage due to overexposure to the sun, ambient moisture, tangles caused by wind or other outdoor conditions.

2. Broad Brims Provide Sun Protection

Hats with broad brims not only protect your hair and scalp but also shade your face from the sun. Beautifully Warm beach hats for women provide UPF 50+ sun protection by blocking 98% of the sun’s rays. It is still a good idea to wear sunscreen when spending a lot of time in the sun, but a broad-brimmed hat can be an effective form of sun protection.

It is important to factor in the size of a hat and the materials when selecting beach hats for women. Many wearers aim to strike a balance between a brim that is broad enough to provide a sufficient amount of coverage without being so broad that it blocks the wearer's vision.

The design of a beach hat also determines the locations in which it can be worn. Hats in neutral, solid colors such as black and khaki with a ribbon band can be dressed up or down. The silk lining inside Beautifully Warm beach hats preserves your hairstyle for when you take your hat off indoors or after the intensity of ultraviolet light decreases in the evening.

3. Adjustable Chin Straps Keep Hats In Place

An adjustable strap is one of the main design features of the best beach hats for women. Hats that are designed to be worn in breezy or windy weather or during activities tend to have adjustable chin straps. These straps are even more important when you wear beach hats that are intended to preserve your style and protect hair from damage.

The more frequently you put on and take off a hat, the more you expose edges and strands to friction. Wearing a hat that has a chin strap can reduce this common cause of damage and provide all of the benefits of wearing a hat with fewer drawbacks.

An adjustable cord that attaches to the underside of a hat is a subtle feature that can significantly increase your comfort. If you plan to wear a beach hat on the coast or during activities on or near the water, a strap can prevent your hat from blowing off and even help to keep your hair from getting wet.

4. Breathable Beach Hats Reduce Sweat Buildup

The best beach hats for women are made of breathable materials. Woven beach hats allow air to circulate. If sweat starts to build up under a hat, the accessory may become less comfortable to wear and could undermine the appearance of a hairstyle underneath.

Look for a beach hat that is made of materials that are functional and stylish. In addition to the materials used to make the crown and brim, the interior materials can also affect how a hat performs in hot or humid environments. 

Beach hats by Beautifully Warm feature satin-lined sweatbands that do double duty to protect your hair and manage sweat. This material can wick away moisture and promote fast drying. The fit of a hat also affects your comfort level. The average woman can wear a summer hat with a circumference of 59 centimeters to accommodate hair and stay cool.

5. Stylish Beach Hats for Women Make an Impression

Style is another significant factor when selecting a summer hat. Beach hats with broad brims may have style details such as a matching or contrasting ribbon band or brim border. The color of a hat and these accents determine whether a style is best suited for casual wear or can be dressed up or down. 

Beautifully Warm beach hats for women are classic designs that are suitable for any occasion. Neutral shades such as khaki and black can be paired with sundresses for more formal looks or worn with a wide range of other summer fashions. To get the most wear out of a beach hat, you should look for a style to sport during spring and summer and through the early fall. 

The material used for the band on a beach hat also plays a part in determining its style. A black ribbon band is the perfect finishing touch for a black beach hat.  The same black ribbon can offer an appealing contrast to a khaki hat with a matching black brim border that is perfect for dressy or casual ensembles.

The right beach hats for women bring together all of the best features of this style. In warm weather, you can wear a breathable beach hat or sport a Culture Cap with a baseball cap brim and open crown for casual and comfortable style. When the temperature drops, beanie-style winter hats provide warmth. Beautifully Warm makes satin-lined hats that protect edges and delicate strands throughout every season.


  • Sheila S. Browne

    Just received my Beautifully Warm Satin lined Cap. I like that my locks can be in a ponytail and the satin lined cap protects my hair. Would order a different color in the future.

  • Edward Stubbs

    How about a satin lined bucket hat for men? Women have beach hats. Summer 😎 hats for men? Thank you

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