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Summer or winter, nevermind. we got your back

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This hat is so nice. It doesn’t leave my kinky curly hair smushed and dry after taking it off. If you’re on the fence about getting it... get off and hit the buy button!

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This is definitely one of my favorite purchase and I will certainly will be buying another. It’s very comfortable and is a perfect fix for when I don’t really feel like putting a lot of work into my hair. I’ve only recently started embracing my natural hair and the learning process is extensive. This hat gives me the break I need. It’s also really good for cold as it can cover the ears comfortably. All the while being super cute! The satin inside is perfect for my hair and not abrasive. My only complaint is it can be hard to wear without covering the ears (like when I want to keep my headphones on and listen to music). But that’s a minor issue that can be fixed with earbuds. Well worth the money!


Love the size and color! I have long 3b/c hair this hat fits perfectly and I have room to cover all of my hair if I choose to. I’m very pleased with my purchase! More colors please!



    More than a "Basic" Winter Hat

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