Benefits of Satin Lining:

Do you remember when you would go to bed when you were younger on your cotton pillowcases? And you would wake up in the morning with your hair a mess and dry. Then, your mommy would comb your hair over for a new day of festivities at school. Your hair lost it moisture from the night before because of the cotton material. Cotton soaks up the moisture that we worked so hard to apply to our hair strands. Thus, the hair experts recommend that we sleep on satin.

Benefits of Satin Lining:

Moisture retention: Moisture is key to keeping our curls hydrated. After you spend 3 to 4 hours on wash day, washing, conditioning, deep conditioning, and moisturising our hair, why would we want it to go to waste? Hence, we should be wearing satin-lined items daily. You could sleep with a satin cap, scarf or sleeping on a satin sheet or pillowcase. Also, if you decide to go out on the road then you have to wear your “culture cap (add link)”. The satin-lined material will not withdraw the moisture from your hair. Thus, aiding you to retain the moisture you worked so hard to seal into your hair. Once your moisture is retained your hair will benefit in so many ways. Not only will it stay hydrated, but your styles will also last longer, improves your length retention and reduces breakage.

Reduces frizz: Frizz stems from lack of moisture. Once our hair has no moisture or is parched, it will start to frizz. Thus, if we are losing moisture from not sleeping on satin or using satin-lined tools (caps or scrunchies) our hair will suffer. And if our hair starts to frizz this is a sign that our hair is not doing well. Frizz will make our hair susceptible to breakage, single strands knots and even split ends. And, we do not want that because we will start to lose our ends.

Preserves the ends of our hair: Our ends are the eldest sections of our hair. They have been there from birth or a couple of years now. Therefore, we need to preserve them at all cost. Sleeping at nights with a satin scarf, sheet or a satin cap allows us to do that. It will act as a barrier between our hair and the cotton sheets that we sleep on. Also, if we decide to let our hair out, we should wear a silk or satin top. Thus, making our hair not susceptible to breakage, split ends or single strand knots that it may have received while rubbing against a cotton t-shirt. 

Promotes Healthy Hair: Continuously using satin-lined items in our regimen will help us to achieve our ultimate goal of healthy hair. Our hair will continue to thrive if our moisture is retained, reduces frizz and ends are preserved. All of these benefits allow us to achieve length retention. Length retention is as the name suggests naturalistas preserving the length of their hair including their new growth and ends which contributes to healthy hair.


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