About Us

Our Family


We are a typical family of four, our oldest child is our son Noah and we have one daughter Amelia.  My wife is still hoping to expand the family, so we’ll keep you updated. Yikes!  My wife and I both were raised in Virginia in the “7 cities” area. We are very active in our church and have been a part of our current ministry in Kaiserslautern, Germany for the last six years.

Our Product


Beautifully Warm is a family-run business, committed to promoting affordable, functionable and fashionable outer wear clothing and accessories. We believe that in today’s world all women can preserve the integrity of their hair and look good doing so, no matter the age. Our product can support your needs from day into night with either outerwear winter hats, summer hats and hair scarfs or bonnets for bedtime. We also have new lines of products and styles being designed to fit your desired style.

The Story Behind our Product


One morning as we were getting ready for church I watched my wife carefully detangle and style my daughter’s naturally curly hair; nothing different from any other early Sunday morning. As usual, my wife bribed 2-year-old Amelia with snacks and her favorite cartoon “Peppa Pig” to keep her still. Twenty minutes later my wife was finished styling Amelia’s hair; It was magnificent, in my opinion, and embodied the Nubian princess that she is.  As we walked out the door, the cold winters morning air welcomed us. I grabbed Amelia’s winter hat and put it on her head and of course the hairstyle was ruined…. again. Choosing between being warm or having neat hair wasn’t much of a consideration. The obvious choice was to keep my daughter protected from the harsh, cold air. That’s when it hit me, why should she have to choose between being warm or having nicely, neat styled hair? All she needed was a satin lined hat to keep her hair moisturized and frizz free. However, finding a hat like that for a toddler was nearly impossible and hence Beautifully Warm products was born!