Why Satin Lined Winter Hats Are Essential Outdoor Gear

Experience the changing weather in comfort with satin lined winter hats. Winter hats that have a knitted exterior and a matching interior satin lining protect your edges and strands from cold weather and wind as well as friction that can damage natural hair when you wear an unlined winter hat. Here are a few reasons why satin lined beanies are essential outdoor gear for cold-weather excursions.
Satin Lined Winter Hats Keep You Warm
Recent research indicates that up to 10% of body heat is lost through the head. It is important to wear a winter hat when spending time outside in cold weather. In addition to keeping your head and ears warm, winter hats lined with satin shield hair from exposure to the elements and protect styles during moderate to intense outdoor activities. 
A satin lined winter hat features two layers to keep your head and ears warm while reducing friction between the hat and your hair. Tuck your hair up in a beanie or wear a hat with styles such as twists and braids. Hair covered by a hat is more protected from cold weather and wind, which can damage exposed strands and ruin styles.
Mom and Daughter in snow with satin lined hats
Olive Satin Lined Winter Hat
Satin Lined Beanies Protect Your Hair
Knitted materials such as acrylic or wool can snag natural hair. Curly and coily hair textures have raised cuticles, which are more prone to suffer friction-related damage. Wearing hats lined with satin can prevent damage that would otherwise occur when putting on, wearing or taking off winter hats.
Many natural hair stylists recommend wearing satin caps between hats and hair. While this solution works in a pinch, caps tend to peek out from under hats and look unsightly. Beautifully Warm satin lined winter hats have matching linings that do not stick out at the bottom, which can stretch to accommodate any natural hair. 
Satin Lined Hats Are Simple To Pack
When you go backpacking, the weight and size of every item you choose to carry are important. A satin-lined beanie is a small accessory that can fit anywhere in a pack. Bring a beanie on excursions where the weather could take a turn. Beautifully Warm winter hats combine functionality and style with detachable pom poms.
Satin-lined beanies are also practical when traveling to chilly destinations. Bring a beanie in a neutral color to match every outfit or pack several winter hats. Beautifully Warm offers winter hats with matching satin linings in a wide variety of colors, such as beige, black, burgundy, charcoal gray, forest green, olive, light blue, pink, royal blue, ultraviolet and yellow. 
Satin lined hat protecting hair in snow
variety pack of satin lined winter hats
Gear Up With Satin Lined Winter Hats 
Winter hats with satin linings keep your head warm and protect your hair. The elastic at the bottom of Beautifully Warm satin lined winter hats stretches to accommodate natural hair, while the lining provides an insulating layer. Whether you plan to wear a hat while playing seasonal sports or spending time outdoors, you can count on the comfort and warmth of winter hats with satin linings.

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