Why Satin Lined Hats Benefit Natural Hair

You can protect your natural hair by wearing hats lined with satin. Lined beanies and beach hats by Beautifully Warm are more comfortable and stylish than wearing a separate silk cap under an unlined hat. Find out about more benefits of lined hats for natural hair. 

Lined Hats for Natural Hair Prevent Damage

Hats that have smooth satin linings can prevent hair from suffering damage. Satin linings prevent the friction that can damage these short, delicate strands. The design of Beautifully Warm hats also protects any hair with which the lining comes into contact.

You can choose from satin-lined winter hats, Culture Caps and beach hats. It is a good idea to match your choice of hat to the weather and how you plan to style your hair. Once you try wearing a hat with a satin lining, you will probably prefer lined hats to unlined headwear. You can find the right hat to show off styles at the front of your hair or for wearing hair pulled back or tucked up.

Satin Linings Protect Delicate Edges

Edges at the hairline are often most prone to damage caused by wearing hats. Normal hats can put friction and pressure on baby hairs or edges that lead to hair damage or loss. A beach hat, Culture Cap or winter hat with a satin lining keep these edges in better condition. 

A hat lining can also benefit hair at the crown based on how you wear lined hats for natural hair. Your choice of style may bring your edges, roots or lengths into contact with the lining. A layer of satin can provide the same benefits to any other parts of your hair worn inside of a lined hat.

Lined Hats for Natural Hair Shield Styles

Whether you style your hair around your hat or cover all or any part of your hairstyle with a lined hat, you can count on a hat with a satin lining to keep your hair protected. This is especially the case for hair that is covered by a hat. When you plan to engage in intense outdoor activities, it is a good idea to secure your hair up in or through a hat, such as the smooth elastic back of a Culture Cap.

If you wear a beanie further back to show the front sections of your hair styled in braids, twists or a pompadour, this portion of your hair will not be as protected from moisture, extreme temperatures or wind. Factor in outdoor conditions when selecting a hat and choosing a hairstyle. You may prefer more or less coverage to protect your natural hair from environmental damage.

Beautifully Warm makes lined hats for natural hair. When you wear our beanies, Culture Caps and beach hats, you don’t have to worry about a satin cap peeking out from underneath your hat. The lining in our hats stays in place to protect your edges. Feel comfortable and look stylish during every season in satin-lined hats by Beautifully Warm.

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