What Are Backless Hats?

Baseball-style caps are great for maximizing your protection from glare, UV rays, and overpowered lighting. For some, however, they simply aren't practical. If you have thick or curly hair, you have probably been painfully left out of the world of brimmed hats for some time. Fortunately, that time has come to an end. The simple and yet brilliant innovation of backless hats now enables you to take full advantage of the convenience and style of classic caps. 

Why Change Was Overdue

Classic baseball hats were invented in a time when wearers were generally limited to two relatively exclusive groups: men with short hair and men who played baseball professionally. As time went on, the popularity of casual hats began to skyrocket on the mainstream market. Recognizing a money-making opportunity, manufacturers began incorporating sizing snaps and clips into their products. These were situated beneath a small opening through which people with long hair could pull a ponytail. While this was a significant step, it still excluded many wearers with thick, curly hair, including, whether intentionally or not, virtually all Black women. 

How To Wear Backless Hats

Backless-style hats are worn just like a regular cap; however, they feature a relatively large space through which a ponytail or loose bun can be channeled. Wearing a hat with such a gap can help you tidy up your hair on a chaotic hair day, though it isn't recommended to lead exceptionally thick hair through the back of a hat without a hairband or tie. 

Uses for Backless Hats

Backless caps are great for outdoor activities, indoor work, or any situation where glare from the sun or overhead lighting might impair your ability to see clearly. Brims can be adjusted to the angle of the sun and can keep harmful UV rays out of your face. If you hate the flickering and glare of your workplace lighting, a brim can take a significant strain off your eyes. Now that you can finally reap the benefits of a brimmed hat that others have long enjoyed, it won't take long for you to understand what all the hype has been about. 

Backless-style hats are both useful and fashionable. A hat in just the right color can put the finishing touch on any ensemble. Backless caps are especially well matched with athleisure and can accent a sporty outfit perfectly. Because they don't tend to move around with your hair like other hats, they are also ideal for jogging in the park or open city streets. If you have extremely curly hair, an open back can cool down your head, making summer activities like hiking and going to the beach easier and more enjoyable. 

If you have been left out of the hat game because of your hair, you're in luck — times are finally changing. Backless hats are the perfect outdoor accessory for all of your adventures this season and an easy way to pull together an outfit. For these and other stylish hats, visit Beautifully Warm's selection online today.




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