In a Rush? 7 Curly Hair Styles To Wear With Hats

1. Curly Hair Tucked Into a Beanie

The fastest way to style curls with a hat involves tucking some or all of your hair back into a beanie. Gather the back of your hair into a low ponytail and leave the front sections free to twist or braid. If you style the front of your hair, wear your beanie further back to contain the rest of your hair while leaving the front visible. 

Satin-lined winter hats are a good choice for curly hair. When your hat makes contact with your edges or the length of your hair, the smooth material helps to prevent strands from getting snagged and damaged. Whether your natural hair is loose or in a protective style, this is one of the easiest looks to do with a hat.  

2. Flat Twists In the Front

When you wear a beanie or a hat with a brim, one way to accentuate your face is with flat twists at the front. You can twist your hair toward one ear or the other or do a middle part with flat twists down toward each ear. It may be helpful to use pins to secure curly hair. 

When you do flat twists, twist two sections of hair around each other until you have twisted the full length. To twist hair over your part, keep adding more hair to each section to extend the twist to one side or the other. Fluff out or loosen a twist to create volume. Put the rest of your hair under a satin-lined beanie or the crown of a lined hat. 

3. Pompadour With a Beanie

A pompadour is a classic style that looks great when worn with a beanie. Section an even amount of hair on each side at the front of your head and roll the hair back as if on a roller, pinning strands on each side for a sleek look. 

It can be helpful to use a little water to moisten edges to make a pompadour look more polished. Do not saturate curly hair before putting on a hat, as wet strands are more prone to damage. If any hair sticks out of the roll, pin it down. Wear a hat over the hair gathered at the back of your head. 

4. Braids or Twists to Sides

You can wear many styles of headwear, from beanies to some brimmed hats, in ways that are accentuated by braids or twists. Try doing basic or fishtail braids to the sides of your head to create a style at the front of a hat. Secure braids with pins and tuck the end pieces under a hat with the rest of your hair.

Divide your hair into sections and braid or twist each section toward your ear. You can also do a braid or twist in a single direction that includes curly hair from both sides of a part. Another version of this style involves loosely braiding hair on each side and wrapping each braid to the opposite side of your head. 

5. Ponytail Through a Culture Cap

A Culture Cap by Beautifully Warm is a comfortable choice. These satin-lined caps have a patented scrunchie design with an elastic opening in the back that allows you to put half or all of your hair through the opening. These hats are a more comfortable and less damaging alternative to baseball caps for curly hair.

Gather your hair into a ponytail and put on the Culture Cap. This cap is designed to be one size fits most. When you put your hair up, you can count on the soft satin-lined interior of the cap to protect your edges and the scrunchie back to secure your style without causing damage. Choose from a variety of color options and patterns that go with any outfit.

6. Half Up and Half Down

You can also wear your hair half up and half down in a Culture Cap or with some other hat styles. Divide your hair into two sections. The top section may be styled as a bun or ponytail. The lower section may be worn loose or in a ponytail. 

A half up, half down style can keep you feeling cool and comfortable. This style is a natural choice for Culture Caps but can also be worn with some other hats. Change up the look of this style by tucking the upper section under a hat and leaving the lower section out. 

7. Protective Curly Hair Styles

Protective styles such as locs can be worn with almost any hat. You can still create several of these styles, including twists, ponytails and half up and half down styles with braids. In addition to protecting your strands with your choice of protective style, wearing a satin-lined hat can prevent edge damage and shield some or all of the hair length. 

Locs manage the thickness of curly hair and can make hair easier to style. It may also be easier to tuck braided hair up into a beanie or another style of lined hat and ultimately result in less damage when your hair is already in a protective style. Hats lined in satin can be an important part of a protective care routine, especially during cold or hot weather.

These hairstyles for curls can be worn with different types of hats, including beanies for cool weather and Culture Caps and beach hats in warmer seasons. You may prefer to wear a certain hat based on the length of your hair and your preferred styles. Hats by Beautifully Warm in a variety of colors and designs are lined with satin to protect curly hair in any style.

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