How To Keep Your Kid’s Hair Healthy During The Winter:

Winter is near which means cold air brushing against our kid’s hair. For our kids it usually means snowstorms, making snow angels, playing in the snow or even snowboarding. If your kid engages in all of the aforementioned activities their hair is usually affected by this season. They usually come home with dry hair and have serious breakage. There is a way to combat this. We need to keep their healthy during this season. We would be applying the right products and using the right techniques to bring their hair to an optimally healthy condition. Once their hair is healthy, it can withstand the weather.

Here are 4 ways to keep your kid’s hair healthy during the winter: 

1 ) Moisturise – Moisture is key to keep our children’s hair hydrated. It needs to stay hydrated this season because the air is very dry. The dry air will take away the moisture from their hair if it is not sealed in. And they are always in contact with the air whether they are playing or going to school. Hence, you should be doing the LOC method (link previous article). This method allows you to moisture and seals it into their hair. Once the moisture is sealed in, then their hair will be preserved for a very long time.  Thus, allowing them to retain their styles and length.

2) Deep Condition – Deep conditioning during the colder months is a must. There is no if, but or maybes about this step. Deep conditioning allows you to rejuvenate your hair since your last day and replenish it from the upcoming week. It is a must because it acts a refresher for our curls while nourishing it at the same time. You would apply your favourite fortifying deep conditioner. Then, slap on a plastic bag or deep conditioning cap or shower cap. The cap will create indirect heat beneath it so that your hair cuticles will lift and the deep conditioner to seep into the hair strands and provide the nutrients. If you want an extra layer of heat, then you can add our winter hat.

3 ) Put their hair into a protective style – Another season which is full of kiddies of activities, so we must keep their hair in protective styles. These styles can range from braids, mini twists, mini plaits, buns or even cornrows. Each of the styles will keep their hair protected from the air since it won’t be fully out. Also, the hair is wrapped around each other or clustered which prevents the cold air from getting to all of i.

4 ) Keep Their Hair Covered  - The last step is to keep it covered. Keeping your child’s hair is covered during this season is a must. They are getting into all different activities and their hair is affected. Using the winter caps provided by beautifully warm will keep your child’s hair protected. They are all lined with satin which will keep the moisture into their hair and preserving their style. Also, the hat will keep their body warm.

Which step will you be incorporating into your child’s winter regimen?

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