The LOC method is the best moisturisation technique for your natural hair. Our hair is naturally dry because the sebum produced by our scalp cannot travel to the ends of our hair because of the grooves of our curls. It usually gets stuck in the corners or kinks of each hair strands. Hence, we have to add moisture using hair products to keep our tresses hydrated. Then, we need to seal in the moisture to keep our tresses hydrated for a long period. The LOC or LCO method offers us both. With the method, we would apply Liquid (L), Oil (O) or Cream (C) in the order of the acronym that you choose.


Here is the breakdown of each letter:

L – Liquid – L stands for liquid which usually means water. H2o is the best hydration for our hair. If you notice once your hair is wet, your curls will start to form. This is because the water provided your parched hair strands with the moisture that it needs. So, the first step is to spritz your hair with water. The h2o molecules will attach to the hair strands and seep into them. Also, you can use a moisturiser as long as it is water-based. Therefore, the first ingredient should be water to keep your hair hydrated. Lastly, you can also use aloe vera juice. The aloe plant is a part of the cacti family, so it stores water. Therefore, the juice contains water mostly which will hydrate.


O – Oil – O stands for oil. I know that you’re thinking that water and oil do not mix, so what do we need oil for it? But, that’s just it! They do not mix which is great! The oil will sit on top of the h2o molecule that you applied to your hair in the previous step. Once it sits on top, it will keep the water “protected”. It will trap the water molecules that have already seeped into your hair strands. The oil will start the sealing process because we need to seal in the moisture provided by water. Ensure to apply a small amount of oil to your hair because a little goes a long way. There is no specific oil for you to use, you can choose from any of your favourite oils whether it is olive, coconut, almond, etc.


C – Cream – C stands for a cream which is the last step in the method. There are different creams that you can use such as shea butter, grapeseed butter, and cupuacu butter. Each of these butters will seal in the moisture that is trapped by the water and oil. Also, the butter contains other properties that will nourish your hair. So, you will be receiving many benefits after using the butter.


Moisturisation is key for our hair because it will allow us to preserve the health of our hair. What ways do you moisturise your hair?


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