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About Culture Cap:

Culture caps may just be the hat that you have been looking for, for your natural mane. The ultimate goal of the cap is to preserve the overall health of your natural hair. Culture caps are baseball caps with a satin lining beneath it. They were created with not only you in mind but your hair. We all may have struggled with wanting to wear our hair out with a hat covering it. However, every different cap that we have tried either destroyed the hairstyle that we worked so hard on. Thus, demotivated us to try the same or other styles again. Or, it left our hair feeling very dry. Dry to the point which made it susceptible to breakage, frizz, single strand knots and even split ends! So, we created a culture cap for you ladies and gents. The cap will still have you looking presentable while preserving your hair 24/7. The caps are of the very highest quality. They are very sturdy, long-lasting and comes in neutral colours. Also, the satin installed is of the highest quality as well. It is lined with 100% satin and not any cheap satin or silky material. 

When to Wear:

This cap can be worn in every season whether it is winter, summer, autumn and even spring! The cap is very versatile and perfect for any season. During the cold months, you would love to wear caps. The air is very cold, and we need to preserve our hair because the dry air is not good for it. The air will withdraw our moisture to make our hair susceptible to breakage. Thus, opt for a culture cap. Also, during the summertime, the temperature is very high which usually forces us to put our hair up. We prefer to not have our hair falling on our back because it will make us hotter. You can opt for a cap as well. The cap can be worn with a low bun, twist out, braid out, mini twists, puff, half-up, low ponytail or even a wash and go. The cap will have you looking chic while preserving your hairstyle and that moisture.

How to Style:

Your style is all dependent on you and the cap goes well with most styles. Notice I say most because I am not suggesting wearing the cap to your formal or prom. The cap comes in various colours such as wine purple, pink, black, denim and fatigue. The cap is perfect for you to go run some errands at the mall, summer events with your friends, movie dates, and even for school. They can be worn with your favourite bottoms and tops for whichever occasion. Lastly, the cap was created by women with natural hair, so they knew that the cap should be one size fits all.


Go ahead and purchase a culture cap so that you can wear your natural hair out and confidently.


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