Be Prepared for Outdoor Fun With Winter Hats for Women

When you have an active lifestyle, finding the perfect hat can be a challenge. Let’s face it: Each head shape is different, and so is each hair type and style. Mix those differences with the abuse that comes from random winter headwear jammed onto the head, and you are in for some bad hat hair. Fortunately, choosing between great winter protection and great hair doesn’t have to be a one-or-the-other decision. In fact, there are plenty of winter hats for women that deliver first-rate protection without compromising either beauty and quality.

The Options for Winter Hats for Women

Women go through a great deal of hair stress during the winter, as cold air causes the hair to become dry more quickly. This leads to breakage, frizz, split ends and knotting. Tucking your hair beneath a cap could lead to additional damage, making it vital for good hair health that you select hats that promote the natural radiant growth and beauty of your hair. The temptation to throw on the first hat you can grab as you head outdoors is generally out of convenience, but a poor choice could inconveniently wreak havoc on your hair.

To find a balance that lets you pack in a full day of activity, your headgear needs to be functional as well as convenient to your hairstyle. Moreover, when it comes to the element of style in headwear, finding a cap that highlights the color and texture of your hair is also an important decision.

Fortunately, you don’t have to lose sleep over which hats are best for your winter activities. With Beautifully Warm’s winter hats for women, you are guaranteed headwear that is not only super stylish and comfortable but also super gentle on your hair.

Things To Do While Wearing Winter Hats for Women

With a satin-lined, stretchy beanie or pom pom hat snuggly fitted to your head, you are free to tackle a complete menu of cold-weather activities without worrying about staying warm. Here’s a great start to a winter bucket list full of fun and adventure.

Go Ice Fishing

It may take creative planning and perhaps a weekend getaway, but if you are bundled up with insulated coats and warm hats, you can pass an afternoon fishing for your evening meal even in the middle of winter. You will need a few special tools, such as a skimmer, ice auger and gaff hook, if you want better luck at catching a wider variety of fish.

Build Snow Objects

You are never too old to get out in the snow and make a snow angel or snowman, but why not take the thrill up a notch with a snow-building contest? Create a backyard winter wonderland full of forts, animals, snowmen or other crazy ideas. Your family will love the experience outdoors, and you can warm up with a cup of homemade hot chocolate when you're done. For an added benefit, create snowmen in the yards of elderly residents (with their permission, of course).

Try a Snowshoe Hike

Few people understand the level of talent it takes to progress across a frozen tundra in snowshoes. If you are feeling up to a challenge, find yourself a pair of snowshoes and trek through a forest of frosted pines. Snowshoeing can help you explore nature far off the beaten path, but it might take a little practice to get it down. Remember to dress warmly with winter hats for women, but look for clothing that wicks away the sweat you can build up on a hike.

Take the Polar Bear Plunge

This may be about the craziest thing you decide to do this winter, as diving into the chilly water at the beach or in a pond, lake or river is what the Polar Bear Plunge is all about. You really aren’t crazy to take the plunge, as the national movement is usually a fundraiser for a charitable organization. You may freeze, but it’s all for a good cause.

Go To a Hockey Game

There is something exhilarating about the chilly air, the sounds of players crashing against the board and the screams of thousands of fans keeping you company at a hockey game. Whether you take in a junior league game or snag tickets to a professional team, the ice rink is a must-do on any winter bucket list. You may even catch a flying puck as a souvenir.

Try Ice Skating

Outdoor ice skating is a great experience, especially if you go in the evening and skate under the stars. Frozen ponds and lakes are often gathering spots for the locals, but always remember safety first. Be sure the ice is secure before setting off on your skates, and pull on winter hats for women to keep your hair protected and your ears toasty warm.

Stage a Photo Shoot

If you want a unique Christmas card idea, why not step outside and show off the natural winter beauty around you? You may need to rope in another person or two to help with props or to operate the camera, but snow scenes can capture the essence of the holidays or season and turn out a fabulous Christmas card. Catch the action of a snowball fight, pose with a giant snowman or simply snuggle under a snowy pine. Whatever you're doing, pop on a fun, festive pom pom hat to complete the look.

DIY Your Christmas Decorations

This might not seem as adventurous, but hiking through snowy forests for pinecones brings its own excitement. Hunt for a variety of shapes and sizes and bring them back to your house for a craft night. You can DIY a holiday wreath or Christmas ornaments or make peanut butter and birdseed bird feeders.

The Place To Go for Winter Hats for Women

Don’t miss out on all that winter has to offer. While you're out in the snow and chill, protect your hair and keep warm with one of our satin-lined, natural hair winter hats for women. Whether your hair is curly, straight, textured or smooth or if you wear extensions, prefer a top knot or showcase braids, our winter hats are made with you in mind. You’ll look and feel great in a choice from our collection. Get yours today!

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