5 Benefits of a Hat for Sun Protection

If you're running out the door for a day of fun, you might not think to grab a hat. However, a hat is one of the best accessories to take on your outdoor adventures since it shields you from the sun's rays. Aside from the health benefits, it is also a great way to personalize your outdoor wardrobe.

If you haven't thought about adding headwear to your adventure gear, read about some of the excellent benefits of picking up a hat for sun protection.

1. A Hat for Sun Protection Helps Your Skin

The experts are clear that sun protection is essential when spending time outdoors. The American Cancer Society recommends several ways to shield yourself from the sun, including wearing a hat. It is especially important to take measures to block ultraviolet rays if you are engaging in outdoor activities in direct sunlight. Hats do an excellent job of covering sensitive and often neglected areas, such as your scalp, ears and the back of your neck.

2. A Hat Gives You Long-Lasting Protection

Unlike other forms of protection against the sun, clothing and hats give you all-day coverage without wearing off. Sunscreen is an essential safeguard against sun damage, but you must always remember to reapply it. A hat for sun protection gives you another layer of security against sun damage without the need to reapply any products. While certainly no substitute for sunscreen, another layer of defense never hurts!

3. A Hat for Sun Protection Also Shields Your Eyes

If you're out and about in the sun, it is also important to shield your eyes as well as your skin. Not only does a nice wide-brimmed hat provide shade for your face, but it also keeps the sun out of your eyes for any activities you have planned. Together with a pair of sunglasses, your hat can keep your face shaded and your vision clear.

4. A Hat Adds to Your Look

Aside from the important health benefits of taking a hat along for your adventures, it can also be a great way to personalize your outdoor wardrobe. There are hat options to protect you from the sun and help you stay stylish, no matter your hair type or style. We've designed a number of stylish and functional hats for all seasons, so you're sure to find something you like.

5. There's a Hat for Every Activity

Hats are incredibly adaptable and come in all shapes, sizes and colors for any outdoor activity. Looking to hit the slopes? Look for a winter hat with a warm lining. Going for a relaxing hike? Reach for a wide-brimmed hat. Headed out to the tennis court? Try out a sports hat with an open back. Hats are as versatile as the many activities you love.

Add A Hat to Your Outdoor Gear

Now that you know some of the benefits of bringing along a hat for sun protection, think about adding it to your adventure bag. Check out our many products to find the perfect hat for you.

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