3 Ideas To Keep Up Your Winter Style



As cold weather heads this way, you might be feeling a little more blue than normal. You enjoy looking your best, but perhaps you feel that is next to impossible once winter comes around. How can you develop a winter style that looks good and keeps you warm at the same time?

Discover how you can make a few small changes and feel comfortable all winter long with a look that is just right for you. 

What Does Winter Style Look Like for You?

It's important to ask yourself what winter style means to you. Do you spend a lot of time outdoors? Perhaps you live in the country and have to manage a home or farm. Or maybe you are commuting in the city, with lots of walking in the elements involved. 

No matter how you live, take into account your preferred style of dress, and start thinking about different ways you can winterize it. 

Know What Type of Weather You Are Dealing With

Winter weather is cold, but what kind of climate do you live in? Chilly days in Texas? Snow and ice in the Midwest? The winter weather varies depending on where exactly you live. Think about some of the worst types of weather you are likely to experience during the season, and make a plan to dress around that. This allows you to maintain your winter style while always being prepared.

Staying Warm and Stylish at the Same Time

These suggestions can help you get started on developing your winter style while keeping warm. 

1. Look for Thicker Material of Your Favorite Items

Think about what type of clothes you currently enjoy wearing, and then seek out the same items, but with thicker material. Love leggings? Look for leggings that are knit, fleece, or a thicker material so you can easily wear them outdoors. Do you normally enjoy t-shirts? Swap them out for sweatshirts. These little changes can help you stay warm while maintaining the style you love. 

2. Don't Leave Home Without a Hat for Optimal Winter Style

Hats are more beneficial than most people realize. Since you can lose heat through an uncovered head, it makes sense to cover up and protect yourself as much as possible. You can find a variety of hats to suit your style, from beanies with pom-poms to Rambler hats. 

3. Wear Comfortable Layers Depending on Your Day

Think about what activities you are going to be doing for a particular day and how you should dress for it. You might want to wear a couple of layers if you are going to spend a lot of time outdoors. This can prevent you from getting frostbite. If you need to take anything off, it's easy enough to remove layers should you feel yourself getting too warm. 

Make the Most of Your Winter Style

You can still have a fun and trendy winter style no matter how cold the weather is. Usually, it just involves a few small changes to winterize a wardrobe while still reflecting your own individual look.

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